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Nov 11, 2018

A brand new hour of lo-fi ambient synths perfect for 3am in the morning when you need to be reminded that you need some sleep.

enjoy. Composed by Trav Nash October-November 2018

00:00 Aquatica
06:30 Transducer
13:28 Calculus
20:00 Bleeps
23:18 airport
26:45 squid
30:00 Mycoplasma
32:48 glips
38:10 Sphere

Nov 5, 2018

The Lost Episode.

Originally released in 2016 here is a re-cut super deluxe edition. Featuring a talk about my grand parents house and their Cuckoo Clock, a talk about a crowded coffee shop and a bonus live story told at a storytellers night about the foreman at the potato factory.

(Episode contains some swears, maybe...