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Jun 23, 2019

Geedis (music from the Podcast)

A mysterious land of sound awaits.
Beware those who blindly run into harms way.
Nothing is what it used to be.
Here everything is unreal.
Sometimes real-er.
Some may go and never come back home.
Enjoy your stay.

00:00 The Land of TA
04:41 Astrid
09:10 Tokar
11:16 Zoltan
14:41 Uno

Apr 7, 2019

Future Cities and Anxiety (Music from the Podcast)

The future sounds of tomorrow now available today.

The 4D sonic whirl pool can now easily implanted into your ears to experience the most hi-tech sounds available that you and your family can afford. The Future is now not tomorrow. Don’t wait take a ride future and...

Jan 21, 2019

Geometric States (music from the Podcast)

In it's most general meaning can be two or more non-intersecting forms and duration of the available sound. For example, a wave signals such as a square and a triangle can form two lines and keep going forever, they would never cross over each other—they would always be an...

Nov 11, 2018

A brand new hour of lo-fi ambient synths perfect for 3am in the morning when you need to be reminded that you need some sleep.

enjoy. Composed by Trav Nash October-November 2018

00:00 Aquatica
06:30 Transducer
13:28 Calculus
20:00 Bleeps
23:18 airport
26:45 squid
30:00 Mycoplasma
32:48 glips
38:10 Sphere

Aug 26, 2018

A brand new hour of dark beats and dreamy soundscapes for some late night spooky weirdo dreams.

All compositions by Trav Nash

00:00 It's Reality
03:47 Cloud counting
07:55 999
10:58 Bluejays
14:22 Read only Memory
17:42 Fear all monsters
23:00 Jive
26:12 Circle Curse
30:00 Vic Sunset Strip
34:48 How do I look to...