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Aug 26, 2018

A brand new hour of dark beats and dreamy soundscapes for some late night spooky weirdo dreams.

All compositions by Trav Nash

00:00 It's Reality
03:47 Cloud counting
07:55 999
10:58 Bluejays
14:22 Read only Memory
17:42 Fear all monsters
23:00 Jive
26:12 Circle Curse
30:00 Vic Sunset Strip
34:48 How do I look to...

Jun 15, 2018

Exit signs in noctilucent clouds

(Music from the Podcast)

A brand new sonic journey awaits you with a new one hour compilation of ambient music and samples to take you away from everything even if it's just for an hour.

00:00 Rocket 3-2-1 blastoff
04:29 Air glow Part i
06:21 Air glow part ii
08:29 Lonely nowhere

Apr 15, 2018

Long distance love between two 56kb modems

60mins of new sounds from the far out to help you fall asleep for your big day tomorrow.

0:00 Go Back

4:43 To be

6:42 I Love You, I

9:24 Daisy

9:58 Sun hug

11:35 Chimes of Saturn Part (i)

13:25 Chimes of Saturn Part (ii)

16:15 Space blood boil

20:41 Sister Hannah

25:32 It's...

Oct 19, 2017

A 60 minutes of some new super spooky ambient compositions by me.


Happy Halloween.



00:00 Raft
03:34 Treasure
09:00 Within
15:12 Mammoth
21:00 Fluorescent
24:56 Syntax
34:34 Picture Show
43:01 Attention
51:35 Twister
60:00 End


Jul 12, 2017

An ambient mix of all the ambient loops I made for the podcast over the years.

0:00 Puddle

04:13 Mouse Pad

09:41 Pumpkin

12:57 Milk

17:46 Face Wash

27:13 Seat Belt

31:43 Carrots

43:43 Twister

53:41 Lamp

60:00 Exit

All pieces composed by me.

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