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Apr 15, 2018

Long distance love between two 56kb modems

60mins of new sounds from the far out to help you fall asleep for your big day tomorrow.

0:00 Go Back

4:43 To be

6:42 I Love You, I

9:24 Daisy

9:58 Sun hug

11:35 Chimes of Saturn Part (i)

13:25 Chimes of Saturn Part (ii)

16:15 Space blood boil

20:41 Sister Hannah

25:32 It's happening again

28:01 Think all the time

30:00 Goodbye Galaxy

39:00 Pepperoni and mushroom

44:00 I You Love, I

45:41 Neptune's tuning fork

51:13 You got blips?

53:40 Nothing will remain

60:00 stop

All music/sounds/noise/bleeps created by Trav Nash

over the month of April 2018. enjoy: fresh: dope


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