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Jan 21, 2019

Geometric States (music from the Podcast)

In it's most general meaning can be two or more non-intersecting forms and duration of the available sound. For example, a wave signals such as a square and a triangle can form two lines and keep going forever, they would never cross over each other—they would always be an equal distance apart from one another.

A spherical spinning lullaby or two shapes of different size and shapes crashing into one another. We can use these principles in everyday life to find your own new state and shape of self.

00:00 Geometric States
05:26 Pepsigon
07:41 Subliminal
09:28 Lime Heptagon
10:05 Scalene Hearts
13:01 Wound up lullaby
17:47 Mind numbing
21:47 Journey Planner / disintegrate
26:34 Dodecagon part i
31:57 Static shock paralysis
32:47 Dodecagon part ii
36:44 Trapezoid
43:55 Debug
45:51 Read-a-long
53:04 When the soul leaves you
60:00 stop

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All music, noise and ambient sounds by Pierre Vanderbee

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