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Apr 7, 2019

Future Cities and Anxiety (Music from the Podcast)

The future sounds of tomorrow now available today.

The 4D sonic whirl pool can now easily implanted into your ears to experience the most hi-tech sounds available that you and your family can afford. The Future is now not tomorrow. Don’t wait take a ride future and the beyond and welcome to a whole new anxious world.

00:00 Part 1 Future Cities

05:40 Ursae Majoris

07:49 Ear Drops

11:30 Neon Halo

15:25 The Wait

19:10 Unexpected Greetings

24:15 Charcoal Clouds

30:00 Part 2 Anxieties

31:24 Positive effects

34:48 Disassociations

39:00 Feelings of Doom

40:36 Distances

42:14 Word Jumble

45:55 It Still hurts

48:33 Almost Midnight

50:18 tiny explosions of creativity

56:38 Souls not lining up

60:00 stop

All sounds and music produced by Trav Nash

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All other ambient sounds by Pierre Vanderbee

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