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Mar 16, 2020

 The report from the Brain Steamboat Show

Tune in this week to the Report from the Brain Steamboat for a splendid episode that is the berries.

Here are the facts Jack we have News, Mysteries and comedy duo Snoz and Pops for some real good old knee slapping.

Did someone say music, well we got the ragtime right here you Mr Grundy. There be no dillying and dallying with Clifford Elliott.

Rudolph Miles piano piece “Le coussin Lily” and some new bags like

The Communist Rag by Foster Ogle, Just Chewing Gum by Bosco Brags and The Glad Rags Rag by Ellsworth Onions.

Now you’re on the trolley!

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t take any wooden nickels!

Listen in today!

Written, read and produced by Trav Nash

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Theme music by Tim Whitt

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