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Sep 1, 2019

Derecho (music from the Podcast)

Derechos - occur with squall sound vibrations that tiny triggers that can cause sparks in the mind. Painted audio shaped developed through sound experimentation ccan be heard on this album. Soft grey pockets of the sky also known as spirit echoes or whisper echoes are identified typically as "violet light" called this due to the formation of its colour and high pressure tonal system which forms within the negative space areas behind the initial allocated space to envelope the sound. These high and low of these compressed tones form due to strong distorted air that develop in the minds eye, and could come in the form of slow and fast minimal beats and synthesizers.  The time frame that can one ear can handle such an experience is only between one and sixty minutes, and the sonic storms that develop in the head can and will give birth to new worlds and ideas to expand the already existing living mind.

Track List

00:00 Dark drifter
05:52 Weather presenter
11:17 Shadow ghosts
17:35 Fruit bonus
22:15 Future Sailor
27:10 Climate changer
30:00 Forest ranger
35:19 Pan!c
37:57 Fluorescent Halo
42:14 Sa-nd-bu-rn
48:13 Graves for forgets
53:57 Derecho
60:00 -stop-

Music by Trav Nash between June and September 2019

All other ambient sounds by Pierre Vanderbee

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